Your Unwanted Items Benefit the Community

Little Girl laying on Donated CouchDonating your unwanted furniture and household appliances is clearly beneficial to you; you’re removing clutter from your home and when doing so through a junk removal service you don’t have to do any of the annoying heavy lifting. You call, they come, they pick up your items and remove them from your home, and you’re all set. For you it’s definitely a win-win! But are there others who may benefit from it?

Some junk removal services will simply take your items to a landfill without thought of trying to recycle or reuse them. Think Green Junk Removal is one of the junk removal companies that will donate as many of your items as possible, before resorting to tossing them out. These kinds of donations help many in the community, in various ways.

There are some donation centers that will sell your unwanted items in their storefronts and then use the money received for their own charity or to donate to local charities. Then there are centers that will take your various items directly to homes of those in need, such as families transitioning from homelessness that are in need of furniture and household appliances, or those who simply can’t afford brand new items. Imagine a struggling single mother, working hard to provide for her children but struggling to get a couch for the living room in their apartment. She can’t afford a new one, so she goes to a local donation center and buys your used one. Now her kids can cuddle up with her to watch a movie and enjoy more family time!

Any junk removal service worth their salt will have working relationships with local charities and donation centers, in order to reuse as many of the items they pick up as they can. After donating items they will then recycle anything that can be recycled, before resorting to tossing the remaining items out.

You may think, “Well why can’t I just skip the middle man and donate my items directly?” If you have just one blender to get rid of, or a small box of clothing, that would certainly still be pretty easy and convenient for you. But once you start getting multiple boxes, different kinds of items, and larger items, a junk removal service is well worth the cost. You’d likely have to drive to multiple centers yourself, if getting rid of many items, and imagine loading up a couch yourself! If you don’t have a truck or van, it just gets that much harder.

A junk service like Think Green Junk Removal takes the headache out of the process for you, and will ease your conscience since you know that we are up cycling and recycling as many of your items as possible!