Beautifying the Neighborhood with Junk Removal

Avoide the Free Couch at the CurbWe’ve all seen it before: the dilapidated couch sitting out on the curb, surrounded by some boxes full of various household items and junk. It’s an eyesore in any neighborhood and is something that can be easily avoided!

The desire to get rid of such items is understandable. We’ve all also had unwanted furniture or household appliances lying around and usually the idea of boxing them up to take to local donation or recycling centers can be daunting. With larger items it becomes even more overwhelming. So, too often, these items end up on the curb awaiting garbage day since that is the easiest, quickest option we can think of.

This poses a few problems. There are quite a few items that the regular city trash pickup will not actually pick up. Those items end up sitting out even longer, dirtying up the neighborhood and in some cities, you could even be fined for leaving them out. Unhappy neighbors can call the city to report it after a time. On the flipside anyone who picks them up could be fined as well. Your well-meaning, “Free Couch” sign could end up costing you and the unwitting Joe Schmo who loads it up in his truck!  

You can easily avoid the eyesore and the potential fines, by using a junk removal service like Think Green Junk Removal. We will pick up those unwanted items, from small boxes of appliances to large dressers, couches, beds, and the like! We then donate as many items as we can (so those truly in need of your unwanted items get them without any fines!), recycle what we can, and dispose of the rest. The items never sit out on the curb, cluttering up the neighborhood. You avoid any potential fines, the scorn of your neighbors, and the headache of having to load up and get rid of the items yourself.

Your neighbors will certainly thank you for using Think Green Junk Removal!